Summary of FTROTW Articles for October, 2014


A summary of all nine articles from October, 2014.


2-Oct-14 CDF Looking for rare events (Andy Beretvas)
3-Oct-14 CMS Subatomic hydrodynamics (Don Lincoln)
10-Oct-14 Auger What are cosmic rays made of? Auger homes in (Eun-Joo Ahn)
16-Oct-14 DZero Mixing tops (Leo Bellantoni, with a little help from his friends)
17-Oct-14 CMS Off the beaten path (Jim Pivarski)
24-Oct-14 DarkSide-50 Report from the DarkSide [Stephen Pordes]
30-Oct-14 CDF A charming result [Diego Tonelli and Andy Beretvas]
31-Oct-14 CMS Boosted W’s (Don Lincoln)

September Results of the Week in Fermilab Today

This podcast episode is a summary of the six “Result of the Week” articles published this mnonth.

4-Sep-14 CDF The final word on Z’s and jets from CDF [Diego Tonelli & Andy Beretvas]
5-Sep-14 CMS Subatomic chimeras [Don Lincoln]
12-Sep-14 DES Dark Energy Survey discovers new trans-Neptunian objects [David Gerdes, University of Michigan]
18-Sep-14 DZero Newton, Schrödinger and DZero [Leo Bellantoni]
19-Sep-14 CMS Three ways to be invisible (Jim Pivarski)
26-Sep-14 MIPP (Main Injector Particle Production) How many protons does it take to make a neutrino? (Jonathan Paley, Argonne National Laboratory