Reticulum II: Welcome to the neighborhood

We have a new galactic neighbor: Reticulum II. It has an unusually high amount of dark matter in it, according to Fermilab’s Dark Energy Survey (DES) and the Dark Energy Camera (DECam)., by Alex Drlica-Wagner

Happy hunting grounds

The data from the Tevatron is particularly sensitive to the detection of new, electrically-charged massive particle like a W-Prime., by Fabrizio Margaroli and Andy Beretvas.

Seeing dark matter

Seeing dark matter in old-fashioned bubble chambers. The PICO collaboration, of which Fermilab is a member (formed from the merger of PICASSO and COUPP)., by Alan Robinson, University of Chicago.

The MINERvA test beam program: trust but verify

Josh Devan of the College of William and Mary

Verifying the behavior of pions, and other particles, in the MINERvA detector., by Rik Gran, University of Minnesota – Duluth