Subatomic gryphons

The gryphon is a mythical beast with the head of an eagle and the hindquarters of a lion.

CDF looks for weird combinations of existing particles: Leptoquarks., by Don Lincoln.

The lightness of dark matter

The new CDMSlite result (black solid line with salmon-shaded band), compared with some other recent results on low-mass dark matter.

No WIMP signal is yet visible in the data from CDMS (Cold Dark Matter Survey, at Fermilab). But the experiment has considerably narrowed the region where light WIMPS might be hiding., by Dan Bauer.

When barns collide

Don Lincoln and Leo Belantoni

What is a barn, anyway? It is a unit of cross section that particle physicists use. This is important when trying to measure double-parton scattering., by Leo Belantoni.