MC Truth drops new track: kaons at MINERvA

Physics Slam 2015 champion MC Truth, also known as Chris Marshall

Measurements of neutral-current kaon production, a significant background for many proton decay searches., by Rob Fine; a graduate student at the University of Rochester.

First neutrino results from NOvA submitted for publication

The NOvA experiment has submitted its papers “First measurement of electron neutrino appearance in NOvA” and “First measurement of muon-neutrino disappearance in NOvA” for publication in Physical Review Letters and Physical Review D – Rapid Communications, respectively., by Mark Messier and Peter Shanahan

DZero discovers a new particle consistent with a tetraquark

A new observation of the 4-quark bound state., by Dmitri Denisov and Paul Grannis: the co-spokespersons for the DZero experiment.