Exclusive production: shedding light with grazing protons

CMS observes the creation of W boson from the collision of photos in the proton’s magnetic field.

Audio note: this episode contains some mysterious drop-outs of audio frames. We are investigating the cause of this–it should be solved by the next episode.

http://news.fnal.gov/2016/06/exclusive-production-shedding-light-grazing-protons/, by Bo Jayatilaka.

An indirect road to the W mass taken by CDF

These physicists were responsible for this analysis. From left: Arie Bodek, Jiyeon Han and Willis Sakumoto, all from the University of Rochester.

The Tevatron’s best measurement of the W mass.

http://news.fnal.gov/2016/05/indirect-road-w-mass-taken-cdf/, by Andy Beretvas and Willis Sakumoto