Studying crowd behavior at MINERvA

These physicists lead this analysis: Minerba Betancourt (left) and Tammy Walton (middle) of Fermilab, and Anushree Ghosh (right) of Federico Santa María Technical University.

MINERvA makes the first ever measurement of the interaction planes of the three particles in a neutrino event., by Anushree Ghosh

Light, heavy light, and asymmetry

Liang Han (U.S.T.C., Hefei, China), Chen Wang and Yifan Xiang (undergraduates at U.S.T.C.) and Siqi Yang (U.S.T.C. and now at U. of Iowa) are the primary analysts for this measurement.

DZero has used an asymmetry in dimuon events to measure the weak-force mixing angle sin2θW., by Leo Bellantoni