Extracting signals of elusive particles from giant chambers filled with liquefied argon

A revolutionary new kind of neutrino detector sits at the heart of the MicroBooNE experiment at Fermilab. In two new papers published by the Journal of Instrumentation, the MicroBooNE collaboration describes how they use this detector to pick up the telltale signs of neutrinos. The papers include details of the signal processing algorithms that are critical […]

The MiniBooNE search for dark matter

Some theorists speculate that dark matter particles could belong to a “hidden sector” and that there may be portals to this hidden sector from the Standard Model. The portals allow hidden-sector particles to trickle into Standard Model interactions. A large sensitive particle detector, placed in an intense particle beam and equipped with a mechanism to […]

Special Announcement

We are expanding the Fermilab Today Result of the Week podcast to include the Fermilab News feature, Physics in a nutshell. Also, I am personally organizing a year-long photography challenge for people at Fermilab called DIFF, the Daily Image From Fermilab. If you happen to be at Fermilab now, you can find out more at […]