Collision? Interaction? Event? What’s that all about?

This article gives some background on how we physicists use these three terms to talk about collider physics experiments., by Don Lincoln..

DZero discovers a new particle consistent with a tetraquark

A new observation of the 4-quark bound state., by Dmitri Denisov and Paul Grannis: the co-spokespersons for the DZero experiment.

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transmin charged particle density CDF fermilab

For the first time, because of the use of data at three different energies, we are able to see directly the energy behavior of the different components of the underlying energy., by Rick Field and Andy Beretvas

Testing the Higgs boson’s spin and parity with CDF

Can the Tevatron say something new about the nature of the Higgs Boson? There are several aspects of its properties that cannot so easily been seen at the LHC., by Tom Junk and Andy Beretvas.

Sifting through the noise to identify single top quarks

It took 14 years for CDF to go from top-quark pair production to single top production., by Andy Beretvas.