Light, heavy light, and asymmetry

Liang Han (U.S.T.C., Hefei, China), Chen Wang and Yifan Xiang (undergraduates at U.S.T.C.) and Siqi Yang (U.S.T.C. and now at U. of Iowa) are the primary analysts for this measurement.

DZero has used an asymmetry in dimuon events to measure the weak-force mixing angle sin2θW., by Leo Bellantoni

Importance of multivariate analysis

These physicists were responsible for this analysis. From left: Giorgio Chiarelli, Sandra Leone and Federico Sforza, all from INFN (University of Pisa).

Disentangling signal from background in the CDF Higgs Boson data., by Andy Beretvas and Giorgio Chiarelli

Exclusive production: shedding light with grazing protons

CMS observes the creation of W boson from the collision of photos in the proton’s magnetic field.

Audio note: this episode contains some mysterious drop-outs of audio frames. We are investigating the cause of this–it should be solved by the next episode., by Bo Jayatilaka.

An indirect road to the W mass taken by CDF

These physicists were responsible for this analysis. From left: Arie Bodek, Jiyeon Han and Willis Sakumoto, all from the University of Rochester.

The Tevatron’s best measurement of the W mass., by Andy Beretvas and Willis Sakumoto

Fishing for the weak and the charmed

Fermilab, CDF, Matera, Pitts

From left: Keith Matera (University of Illinois, now at Fermilab) and Kevin Pitts (University of Illinois) are the primary analysts for this result.

CDF scientists measure the rates of vector boson plus charmed meson production at different energies for a the W boson., by Keith Matera and Andy Beretvas

Happy hunting grounds

The data from the Tevatron is particularly sensitive to the detection of new, electrically-charged massive particle like a W-Prime., by Fabrizio Margaroli and Andy Beretvas.

Measuring the “direction” of the Standard Model

Measuring the Weinberg Angle through an understanding of the observed electron/positron asymmetry., by Mark Williams.

Most precise single measurement of the top quark mass

The uncertainty quoted in this measurement is equal to what uased to be the world average uncertainty!, by Mark Williams.