Neutrinos: The ghost particle; Neutrinos from the sun

An introduction to the “Solar Neutrino Problem”, that is, why did scientists originally think that there was something really fishy going on with Wolfgang Pauli’s “little neutral one.” This post is a mash-up of two “Physics in a Nutshell” articles: Neutrinos: The ghost particle, published on June 2, 2017; Neutrinos from the sun, published June […]

ArgoNeuT hits a home run with measurements of neutrinos in liquid argon

The ArgoNeuT experiment was the first ever to make cross-section measurements of neutrino and antineutrino (the neutrino’s antimatter counterpart) interactions resulting in a muon, a charged pion and any number of nucleons in the final state using argon as the target. By Giacomo Scanavini and Tingjun Yang Click here to read the article at the Fermilab News […]