Our gothic universe

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Published on: January 29, 2017

An introduction to the concept of “dark energy.”

http://news.fnal.gov/2012/02/our-gothic-universe/, by Don Lincoln.

Cosmic shear cosmology with the Dark Energy Survey

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Published on: September 5, 2015

Using the Dark Energy Survey to see gravity microlensing through the universe.


Reticulum II: Welcome to the neighborhood

Published on: April 20, 2015

We have a new galactic neighbor: Reticulum II. It has an unusually high amount of dark matter in it, according to Fermilab’s Dark Energy Survey (DES) and the Dark Energy Camera (DECam).

http://www.fnal.gov/pub/today/archive/archive_2015/today15-04-17.html, by Alex Drlica-Wagner

Cosmic shadows in the microwave light from the big bang

Categories: Cosmic Frontier
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Published on: March 7, 2014

Looking for dark energy through two very different sorts of telescopes.

http://www.fnal.gov/pub/today/archive/archive_2014/today14-02-21.html, by Brandon Benson.

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