MicroBooNE demonstrates use of convolutional neural networks on liquid-argon TPC data for first time

It is hard these days not to encounter examples of machine learning out in the world. Chances are, if your phone unlocks using facial recognition or if you’re using voice commands to control your phone, you are likely using machine learning algorithms — in particular deep neural networks. By  Victor Genty, Kazuhiro Terao and Taritree Wongjirad Read the […]

MicroBooNE measures charged-particle multiplicity in first neutrino-beam-based result

MicroBooNE’s first neutrino-beam-based physics result, submitted to the journal Physics Review D this spring, launches the experiment’s journey along this path. https://news.fnal.gov/2018/05/microboone-measures-charged-particle-multiplicity-in-first-neutrino-beam-based-result/ May 31, 2018 – By Tim Bolton and Aleena Rafique